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Business Startup and Success Strategist

With over 20 years of experience in business and human resources, Dr. Joy is the CEO of Joy Lough Enterprises,

Dr. Joy Lough, assists novice entrepreneurs and small business owners with the startup and development of their ventures. She offers consultations, training, and workshops to help with business growth. Click HERE for more information. Dr. Joy has a Ph.D. in Organization Management, an Executive MBA, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management with a minor in Human Resources.

Dr. Joy is an instructor teaching a variety of business courses including but not limited to Entrepreneurship, Human Resources Management, Management, Small Business Management, Business Plan Preparation, Decision Making with Effective Communication, Personal Finance, Business Law, and Operations Management. She has also developed classes and curricula for numerous colleges and universities. Classes are taught both online and on campus.

Dr. Joy also offers Writing and Editing Services. 

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#1 Bestselling Author


Her first book “Tears of Joy: A Poetic Journey in the Life of Ms. Joy” gives the reader an inside look into who Joy was and is currently. The book includes life poems, love poems, and other poems that almost anyone can relate to at any given moment.

"I am Woman: The Journey Continues” gives the reader a look into the woman, mother, and friend. You now have your personal invitation to experience the journey! Both books are available on Amazon.com

Dr. Joy co-authors the book Jotts and Tittles of Scribes and Story Tellers. This book is a Christian fiction anthology. "The Plan" by Dr. Joy Lough is a story of forgiveness, hope, and motivation.

Dr. Joy is 1 of 13 authors/entrepreneurs who share their stories about their journey to help and inspire others in the book "Rising Above". Her Story "One Word" offers new entrepreneurs encouragement and motivation.

Her most recent book 7 Steps to Success is a #1 Bestseller! The book provides the reader with tools and tips for their business success journey.


Driven by a sincere commitment to uplift individuals, Dr. Joy dedicates herself to conducting personal development seminars and lectures. Her expertise encompasses a wide range, including resume writing, interview etiquette, leadership, communication, and motivation.

Dr. Joy's passion lies in cultivating productive and prosperous members of society. She expresses, "I am deeply committed to motivating and equipping both my students and clients with the essential tools required to succeed in their goals, lead fulfilling lives, and transform their dreams into reality."

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